Amdocs Optima’s shared operations model resides on an open cloud platform. The platform, based on JBoss technology and utilizing REST APIs, offers swift and easy integration with 3rd-party applications such as, creating a partner ecosystem that shortens time to market and simplifies complexity.

Digital Enterprises Solutions

A monetization platform for any industry

As a lean and ready-to-use solution, Amdocs Optima can be up and running in a very short time. Built with powerful integration tools, Amdocs Optima can quickly and easily connect to existing back-end systems and 3rd party applications.

Add sophisticated automation to your billing and customer care

Amdocs Optima offers smart interoperability and automation that directly impacts operating costs and your bottom line. It closes the lead-to-cash cycle in a transparent, hassle-free manner.

Ready-to-use operability

Complete billing and customer care

Open platform

Automated business processes

Modernize Billing Solutions To Future-Proof Customer Relationships


MVNx Solutions

Competition has always been fierce, and it’s only intensifying. Any operator, whether they own their network or not, acknowledges the importance of the billing system and the difference it can make between success and decline. Amdocs Optima is a comprehensive MVNx solution that includes flexible business processes, ordering, self-service and online charging and billing, enabling you to cater to the entire lifecycle of a partner or an end customer simply and affordably.


Easy 3rd party integrations

One stop show with single vendor accountability

Multi-carrier support


Midsized Communication Businesses

The Challenge: having the agility to compete in the digital economy

Amdocs Optima resides on an open platform. It is based on JBoss technology and utilizes REST APIs for swift and easy integration with any 3rd-party applications, creating a partner ecosystem that shortens time to market and obliterates complexity.

High reliability

On premise or in the cloud

Automated business processes

Configuration, not customization